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2022-01/January 3

A woman in her mid-60s with history of uterovaginal prolapse, status post hysterectomy, was incidentally noted to have a patent urachus at the bladder dome on cystourethroscopy. A CT scan showed a partially distended urinary bladder with a small vesicourachal diverticulum and focal calcifications at its apex. Partial cystectomy with excision of the entire urachus was performed. Gross examination showed a 3.2 cm cystic nodule with calcified cut surface. Images from the partial cystectomy are shown below.

2022-02/January 10

A man in his 30’s presented with 3 days of abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting. CT imaging revealed a 14 cm ill-defined right retroperitoneal mass, a 2 cm left pulmonary nodule, and a 10 cm right testicular mass. Serum alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) was elevated, and beta-HCG and LDH were normal. He underwent biopsy of the retroperitoneal mass.

2022-03/January 17

A male patient in his 40s with 19 cm multiloculated cystic mass in his right kidney.

2022-04/January 24

A patient in his early 60s underwent prostatectomy, which showed a Grade Group 2 (Gleason 3+4=7) tumor, stage pT3a. The following images show focal areas of the tumor.

2022-05/January 31

A man in his mid-50s presented with dysuria and gross hematuria. Imaging revealed a 14.9 x 10.0 cm mass essentially replacing prostate and seminal vesicles, and invading the urinary bladder. After biopsy confirmation of malignancy, a cystoprostatectomy was performed to completely remove the tumor. On pathologic gross examination, the tumor had a fleshy, tan-white cut surface with central necrosis.

2022-06/February 7

A 76-year-old man with an incidentally renal tumor in the lower pole of the right side of a horseshoe kidney was submitted to a partial nephrectomy.

2022-07/February 14

During follow-up for urothelial carcinoma of the upper urinary tract, a man, aged 79 years, underwent a cystoscopy and incidentally discovered an exophytic blueish area on the bladder dome, covered by flat and smooth urothelium. The urologist performed an en-bloc resection of the lesion.

2022-08/February 22

Male in his 20s underwent left orchiectomy due to cystic tumor measuring 1.8 cm. Microscopic examination revealed epidermoid cyst. Additionally an incidental 2 mm nodule was found in the rete testis.

2022-09/February 28

A female in her 60s presented with a 2.4 cm solid and hypovascular left renal mass. She underwent diagnostic biopsy.

2022-10/March 7

A man in his early 40s underwent partial orchiectomy due to a 2.2 cm nodule. Serum tumor markers were within normal limits.

2022-11/March 14

60-year-old-female was found to have an incidental left renal and adrenal mass on imaging.

2022-12/March 21

A male patient in his 70s underwent transurethral resection of the prostate.

2022-13/March 28

This is a prostatectomy specimen from a patient in his early 80s (GG5, pT3b; with 10% involvement of the gland).

2022-14/April 4

A male in his 40s with the incidental finding of a right renal mass on CT angiography of the abdomen during cardiac surgery work up. He underwent right open partial nephrectomy which showed a 2.2 cm, well-circumscribed, solid, tan-white to yellow tumor.

2022-15/April 11

A male in his 60s with history of prostate cancer status post radiation treatment. Transurethral resection of the prostate is performed.

2022-16/April 18

A male in his 20s, presented with a rapidly enlarging painless right testicular mass. On scrotal ultrasound, there was a 6.8 cm well-circumscribed mass compressing the adjacent testicle. ALP was minimally elevated, while LDH and bHCG were within normal limits.

2022-17/April 25

A man in his early 50s underwent atotal nephrectomy due to a 4.5cm solid tumor.

2022-18/May 2

A male patient in his 80s with a 1.5 cm polypoid and ulcerated lesion in scrotal skin.

2022-20/May 16

Male in his 60s with 2.7cm renal mass, confined to kidney (pT1a). Partial nephrectomy is performed.

2022-21/May 23

A teenager noticed a nodule in the dorsal side of the penis two years before this presentation. The nodule was surveilled clinically. In this period, no skin lesions were noted. In the last months, the lesion rapidly grew causing ulceration in dorsal skin and invading corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum (as evaluated by imaging studies).

2022-22/May 30

A woman in her 60s with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) receiving hemodialysis (HD) was evaluated for right lower quadrant pain. Computed tomography (CT) demonstrated a 3.9 cm complex renal cyst, enlarged from 2.1 cm on previous imaging. There was concern for malignancy and she subsequently underwent left radical nephrectomy. The specimen was bisected to reveal multiple masses in the upper and lower poles. These masses demonstrated variegated, orange-yellow to tan-red cut surfaces with well-delineated borders. The remaining parenchyma demonstrated multiple cysts measuring 4.5 cm in greatest dimension. (Microscopic images are from the largest mass, showing similar features with the other masses).

2022-23/June 6

The patient is a female in her 60s who presents with an incidentally detected kidney mass. Computed tomography shows an enhancing exophytic, solid right kidney mass of the lower pole. The patient elects to undergo a laparoscopic partial nephrectomy of the mass. The specimen measures 3.0 x 2.0 x 1.2 cm and consists of a well-defined, partially cauterized, enucleated, and encapsulated lesion. The cut surface shows a well-defined, glistening, tan-red-brown, and rubbery to spongy mass with no obvious necrosis(Figure 1).The lesion abuts both the parenchymal margin and capsular surface, without discrete involvement of either.

2022-24/June 13

Man in his 30s, non-smoker, initially presented with hematuria, dysuria, and constipation was diagnosed with urothelial carcinoma of bladder on transurethral resection of bladder tumor (TURBT) at an outside hospital. Upon transferring care, patient underwent a subsequent radiology work up which revealed a large vascular mass involving prostate and pushing against bladder base. He underwent systematic prostate needle biopsies. The TURBT from outside hospital was also obtained and reviewed.

2022-25/June 20

Middle-aged man with no prior history of malignancy presents with hematuria. Cystoscopy showed blue light positive bladder lesion, biopsied.

2022-26/June 27

A woman in her late 50s underwent wide resection of vulva and inguinal skin due to massive verruciform lesion. She had crusted / keratotic plaques with appearance of follicular keratosis in the back, neck, face, and extremities for 27years.

2022-27/July 4

A woman in her early 60s underwent a radical nephrectomy due to a 9.0cm tumor with multi-cystic central component and solid nodular appearance at periphery at imaging studies. Thoracic imaging showed multiple small cysts in the lung suggestive of lymphangioleiomyomatosis. The gross picture shows the 9.0 cm with both multicystic appearance in central kidney and solid configuration in upper lobe. Venous invasion in renal sinus (upper third). The lower lobe shows smaller white nodules –the largest measuring 2 cm. Further sectioning showed multiple white spots within renal parenchyma. Some of them are illustrated in figure 2. Figures 3 to 5 illustrate the large tumor.

2022-28/July 11

Male in his 70s presents without prior malignancy history presents with symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia, transurethral resection is performed.

2022-29/July 18

A man in his 60s with a history of diabetes and benign prostatic hyperplasia presented with 6 weeks of fatigue and 3 days of suprapubic tenderness. Ultrasound demonstrated moderate hydronephrosis of the right kidney and urinary retention. He returned 1 week later with lethargy, hyperglycemia (blood glucose 850), and continued dysuria. Urine and blood culture were positive for Escherichia coli. On imaging, extensive gas was noted in and around the kidneys bilaterally. The patient developed septic shock, and bilateral radical nephrectomy was performed.

2022-30/July 25

A young male in his 20s with a known cancer syndrome presented with bilateral epididymal masses.

2022-31/August 1

Bilateral orchiectomy was performed in an elderly male with prostatic adenocarcinoma with bone metastasis. (First 3 images are from the left testis, whereas the last 2 images are from the right testis).

2022-32/August 8

A woman in her 80s underwent nephrectomy along resection of multiple retroperitoneal nodules. One small nodule (1.5 cm) showed a firm and fascicular cut surface (see figures 4 and 5).

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